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Jan 29 2012

This semester… doesn’t suck.. completely

Second semester is going by as quick as I could have ever hoped.  I was heart broken when I realized that I had all new kids, because I somehow convinced myself that I would never have students that I loved as much as I did last semester.

Now, I have two repeater classes of kids who failed first semester of Math 2  (sophomores) last semester, and one class of Math 4 (seniors).

My repeater classes are absolutely adorable. I was worried they would be hard to reach, hard to motivate, hard to teach. But they aren’t! They are the sweetest high schoolers you will ever meet, they are honestly all so upset they failed last semester and are doing everything in their power to not fail again. They come to tutorials, they ask me questions, they try try try try like I have never seen anyone try before.

My seniors…
I was not a math major. I was a finance major, and TFA thought that this made me capable of teaching math at the secondary level. Which maybe it should, maybe most finance majors can easily tackle high school math.  I can use a calculator yes, and I am do some analysis on some sexy net income sheets. But I can’t do calculus, let alone teach it. Last semester, I taught Math 2 – sophomores- and was fine. The content was easy and I was comfortable teaching it. Math 4!? I had an honest conversation with my department chair, who is a beautiful and wonderful person about how me teaching Math 4 would be a disaster. I just don’t know the content. I would be doing a disservice to these kids. I cried t0 my math coach, begging her to do something about the schedule. But our school has so much pressure to meet AYP, they need all first year teachers teaching classes that “don’t matter” for AYP. Like Math 4 and Math 2 repeaters.

I am getting by just fine. My math coach is amazing, and I have a great friend who is also teaching Math 4. But I wish I was teaching something didn’t reek with ridiculously difficult content- like 4th grade! I would be a great 4th grade teacher. Or maybe just three classes of sweet little adorable Math 2 repeaters.

Also, my seniors are annoying and too mature in an immature way. They don’t like any of my funny games, or random power points, or when I get excited and jump on my desk… They take themselves way too seriously.  I like my little immature sophomores who still think I am funny.

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  1. Ms. Math

    Come to the upper school community and TFAnet-
    You can ask us any questions you have about math that doesn’t make sense-which standards to skip, and which to emphasize, and get lots of resources.

    (Alumni Mentor)

  2. Kurt (Community Manager)

    Congratulations! Your post has been featured on the Teach For Us homepage.

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