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Jan 31 2012

marry an american girl.

Sweet little G. comes to my room (almost) every day after school. If not, he will come before school or during his lunch. He can’t seem to understand what the heck I am talking about during class, but seems to get a pretty good grasp on things when explained to him one on one.

Because he is a senior, he asked me what I thought abut him attending college. College is a touchy subject at my school, because so many of my students don’t have papers- thus lack the means to get financial assistance. I told he could absolutely go to college if he wanted to, and asked what he wanted to do.

“Miss, I want to go to college to make my parents happy. But I don’t know. I think I want to be a mechanic.”

I shot back that being a mechanic is a noble career and there is nothing wrong with being a mechanic if he loves cars.

“Miss… can I be a mechanic if I am illegal though? I think I have to cut grass like my dad. or marry an American girl.”

Little G can go to college. He is smart enough to do it. I promise. He has the drive and the motivation to do anything he wants. He just doesn’t have a g.d. social security number.

I shot back saying there is nothing wrong with cutting grass like his dad. And that if works as hard as he does in school, he’ll be successful. Blah blah blah, Little G doesn’t want to cut grass, and I didn’t know what to tell him. Maybe he will find a nice American girl to marry.


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