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Feb 01 2012

Copy Machines Woes

There are loads of things I could come up with to complain about the pubic school system, but the one thing that infuriates me beyond words is the lack of working copying machines at my school! We have two, one nice one and one old one.

I worked at a law firm for three years prior to teaching, and became a pro at copy machine servicing. I can remove jams, I can load toner, I can load staples, I can call the service company and demand they come fix the problem (that I was unable to fix) in less than 2 hours. If the secretaries couldn’t make copies, the lawyers couldn’t file their papers, we then would lose clients, and wouldn’t make money. It was very important that our copy machines worked and were well stocked (with paper, toner, and staples).

Copies machines are my school are always out of toner, or out of staples. We haven’t actually ever had staples since the beginning of school. Now, both machines are broke. It is looked down upon to constantly give your students worksheets, so many of the teachers just have their kids work out of the books. I find the books to be ridiculous and filled with errors, so I make tons of copies. And yet, this morning, I can’t. ¬†Luckily, I was trying to make copies of a test that I plan to give on Friday, so the copy machines have two days to work, or I have two days to find a Kinkos.

I don’t know who is in charge of servicing our copy machines, but if they would just give me the responsibility- I am sure I could decrease the down time of these machines. ¬†I know I could. It isn’t hard to make sure they are in working order. Or at least ONE is in working order.



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