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Feb 03 2012

love love love!

I have two classes of kids who failed Math 2 last semester. There are a few kids who failed because of their attitudes and refusal to turn in homework, maybe attendance issues. But the vast majority of these students failed math because they genuinely struggle with math. They lack so much of the basics, they were unable to keep up with the rest of the kids last semester.

These kids are amazing. Just today, I had two kids skip their lunch for extra help. Yesterday I had three kids skip lunch. At least ten come to after school tutorials every Tuesday and Thursday. They actually cry when they fail a quiz. They turn in every homework assignment, and ask for more practice. You think I am exaggerating here- making up some story to make me sound incredible and transformational, but I am not. I am not making this up, nor am I incredible or transformational. These kids are incredible. I don’t know why or how, but they are. They want so bad to understand math, and to not fail.

After school today, J ¬†stayed to make up a quiz in which he got a 20%. The only reason he missed so many, is because he didn’t understand that a minus sign in front of a parentheses changes ALL the signs on the inside. He also tried to some weird Flip Keep Change thing that someone taught him in middle school that doesn’t make any sense. After a 5 minute lesson on negative numbers, he got it. He re-took the quiz and got a 100. I was so proud of him, I didn’t think I could get any prouder of anyone in my entire life. Until he stays after school longer to help another girl, Sweet M, who wanted to retake her quiz. He explained everything in Spanish to her. She retook the quiz and got an 85%, an incredible growth from her initial 65%.

Also, I dislike my seniors.

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