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Feb 04 2012

a teacher point of view

Last night my teacher friend Miss B convinced me to go to dinner with her teacher boyfriend and then to the movies. I didn’t really think about how I was the 3rd wheel until this morning, while typing this… anyway.

Usually I am too exhausted on Friday nights to do anything social; but somehow a nice dinner and movie sounded appealing.

So we went to the fancy Mexican restaurant in Midtown, and within 2 seconds of walking in the building- I saw one of my kids. Dressed in all black wearing a kick ass tie. He was making guacamole like a boss.

“B!?” I am pretty sure I was more shocked to see one of my students out of school, than he was about seeing a teacher out of school.

“HI MISS! Are you here to eat?”

He continued to introduce me to everyone he knew at the restaurant. It was precious. I met his uncle, and then I felt like I was at a parent/ teacher conference. He wasn’t our waiter- but he made sure we were taken care of. “Miss, let me get you more cola. You always drink so much cola.” (I usually go through 3 cans a day at school…)

I told him we were going to the movies, and he said with a straight face, “Well Miss, I hope that you enjoy your evening. You deserve it. Then, I would like to hear about the movie from a teacher point of view.”

I about fell out of my chair. Teacher point of view? Ha!


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