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Feb 06 2012

to get math write

Or should it be, To Get Math, Write


To Get Math Right, Write

Anyway, kids will be writing. I had my kids make a skit in groups. A teacher and students. They had to write the script of the teacher teaching a lesson, and the students had ask appropriate questions about the lesson. It was kind of funny, because they used this as a medium to make fun of themselves and make fun of me. But I was mostly impressed with the writing of the script portion. When they were working together to figure out how the teacher was going to explain the lesson… in words. Especially since a lot of my kids are ESOL, this was a great lesson.

So I have implemented a To Get Math Write day in my class. ¬†I’ll give them a writing assignment on Friday ¬†pertaining to the learning goals of the week and give them time in class to work on it. Our school has lap tops, so I will just get the lap tops in here every Friday. And just like that, my kids are going to get math right, because they write. Right?

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