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Feb 07 2012

Why I love my repeaters.. .again

1. I know I have already posted today. I hope that isn’t obnoxious. But there are time I have so much to say- and eventually friends and family have to hang up the phone. And sometimes you are too tired to call anyone. All I want to do is write.


2. As mentioned before, I have two classes of repeaters- kids who failed math 2 last semester. They are lovely.

Text message conversation…
Sweet K: Hi Miss B :) is me K. from your first math class. I was just wondering to ask you what my grade is my de quiz that we took last friday?????

Miss B: Hi K!you got a 100!  I am so proud of you! Wonderful job K!

Sweet K:  OH MY GOD! Are you for real Miss b??

Miss B: YES! Totally for real!

Sweet K: OH MY GOD! Thank you Miss  B! I’m proud of me to because I NEVER got the grade in math. Thank you for you! Thank you. And My mom says thank you. And me  papa. And even my brother. jajjajajaj


I am not even a great teacher. I seriously suck! Just think of all the sweet text messages I would get if I actually knew what I was doing.


Kids who aren’t traditionally “good”  in math are the best to teach. I promise.

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