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Feb 08 2012

me whining. (wish I was “wine-ing”)

I am still at school. It has been 12 hours and 50 minutes. I need a break from figuring out how to best teach my sophomores how to factor quadratic equations without using the words “guess” and “just try again”. These are words that kids who lack confidence in math don’t need to hear very often. If they guess the wrong combination of numbers, they blame themselves, grow frustrated, and give up. I really don’t need them to give up. Today they gave up. Today was a bad day for my sophomores. Today was a terrible day for me.

It was also a bad day for my seniors.

My seniors don’t do anything. I suck  at investing a group of kids who want to graduate in May and are already over this whole school thing. They don’t do anything in any other class, why would they do anything in my class. They won’t do group work, they won’t play fun games, they won’t do worksheets, they won’t take notes, they won’t do homework, they won’t ask me questions….  I have tried consequences, I have tried rewards, I have tried bribes, I have tried threats (oops), but they just do their own thing. Tomorrow has to be better. Today has to be the worst day of teaching, because if there is a day that is worse than today. Then, well, I am not sure what I will do. Probably start drinking at school… (kidding)

So I guess that would be the dark ominous cloud of today.

Silver lining would be this diddy of a conversation.

Kid (who is a 15 year old boy): Miss, I need to ask you for girl advice.
Me:  Oh, I am good at this stuff.
Kid: I like this girl.
Me: … Okay?
Kid: How do I know if she likes me?
Me: hmmm, facebook?
Kid: MISS! Seriously.
Me: Okay okay, I would judge whether a girl likes you or not based on how much she laughs at your jokes.
Kid: Well, she doesn’t know me. I never talked to her.She doesn’t know I exist.
Me: Oooh, are you friends with her on facebook?
Kid: She doesnt have facebook!
Me: Are you friends with any of her friends?
Kid: I am friends with her boyfriend.
Me: oooh buddy. Maybe you should find another girl.
Kid: Hmmm maybe. A girl I am facebook friends with?

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