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Feb 10 2012

laughing inappropriately

I used to think there was nothing worse than when a kid started laughing at you while you were disciplining them. Except when I started laughing while I was discipling them. Which happens more than I care to admit. These kids are freaking hilarious.

Today during a quiz, a kid was talking or something, and I went over to his desk and just kind of tapped his desk to let him know that he can’t talk. “MISS! I DID NOT WRONG.”

“It’s okay, just don’t talk during a quiz.”

“But Miss! I digress!”

I just started cracking up laughing. A 15 year old kid who barely knows the English language using the word digress was absolutely adorable.

After I started laughing, G just said. “See Miss, I just make you laugh and you love me one more time.”

And how right he is.. shoot.

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