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Feb 10 2012


At 3:15 pm, I get a text message. “This is an anonmyus student. Miss, there is a really really bad fight at _ __ aprmnts, pls come help. or call police”  (these apartments are right across the street from the school)

I sprint out of my room looking for our school officer. I am not sure why I didn’t call the police, but as I ran to his post, I saw our AP. I told her, and she said they already had word that something big was going down. She asked me ask the anonymous student if the police were there yet. Clearly not if she (or he) asked me to call the police. I asked the student if they were okay, and told them to leave the area if they could, told them they could come back to school and wait for as long as they wanted. The police would be coming, and they didn’t want to get in trouble.  I also thanked them for telling me, it was a really great thing and they probably helped keep  a lot of people safe.

Snitching is a big thing at our school, our kids NEVER snitch on anyone. Ever. So this student was very brave to text me, and had to be very scared of the situation to feel compelled to let me know.

“No prblem miss, thanks for calling the police. I was worried about my friends.”

I worry about my kids. Math really is the last thing on their mind when they leave school.

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