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Feb 12 2012

saturday night mental break down

I have always, always, always stressed out about what I wanted to do when I “grow up.” I remember having a mental break down (or a 5th grade version of a mental break down) when I realized I couldn’t feasibly be a journalist AND a veterinarian. According to adults, I would have plenty of time to figure it out.

So I went to college and changed my major too many times to count. I found a beautiful part time job at a law firm, and decided that I wanted to be a lawyer. I think this was pretty constant for the middle two years of college, while I was a finance/ accounting major. Sometimes I wanted to work in consulting, other times I was convinced I wanted to stay in accounting, or work on wall street… but fairly consistently law school was the goal.

Then, I decided I wanted to be a teacher and then I became a teacher. I wanted to teach forever, this was it. This was what I wanted to do.

Well last night I had a 23 year old’s version of a mental break down, and woke up thinking I want to be an accountant. “Well, I just couldn’t do anything that didn’t help other people,” I feel like is the perfect TFA response. “Ooh, how can you dedicate your life to a career that doesn’t benefit the greater good?” is probably what another golden child of TFA would chime in. “How would you use a career in accounting to close the achievement gap?” someone else would ask.

Well I don’t effing ¬†know. But I think I am going back to business school after two years of pretending to teach math. And will continue to hide from any golden children of TFA in order to avoid answering their potential questions of my accounting intentions.

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  1. Dee

    As someone who started their career as an accountant and then switched over to teaching, let me warn you that accounting, for me, was dull and not fulfilling. Yes, it paid well but I always longed for something more. I think business school will be good for you to explore different job opportunities and network. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do!

  2. Ms. Math

    help out some new organization whose mission you believe in with you accounting skills at some point in your career-they are valuable skills-on wall street, and also to people who have idealistic visions but not the actual accounting skills they need to balance a budget.

  3. anne2011

    I’m also in the process of trying to convince myself that it’s not okay to keep doing something that makes me feel unhappy, something I feel like I’m pretending to do. So props to you for deciding what you want and deciding to pursue it!

  4. els

    Accounting & other careers are just as important! Tfa is just insane. Ignore them. :)

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