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Feb 12 2012

saturday night mental break down

I have always, always, always stressed out about what I wanted to do when I “grow up.” I remember having a mental break down (or a 5th grade version of a mental break down) when I realized I couldn’t feasibly be a journalist AND a veterinarian. According to adults, I would have plenty of time…

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Feb 10 2012

laughing inappropriately

I used to think there was nothing worse than when a kid started laughing at you while you were disciplining them. Except when I started laughing while I was discipling them. Which happens more than I care to admit. These kids are freaking hilarious. Today during a quiz, a kid was talking or something, and…

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Feb 10 2012


At 3:15 pm, I get a text message. “This is an anonmyus student. Miss, there is a really really bad fight at _ __ aprmnts, pls come help. or call police”  (these apartments are right across the street from the school) I sprint out of my room looking for our school officer. I am not…

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Feb 08 2012

me whining. (wish I was “wine-ing”)

I am still at school. It has been 12 hours and 50 minutes. I need a break from figuring out how to best teach my sophomores how to factor quadratic equations without using the words “guess” and “just try again”. These are words that kids who lack confidence in math don’t need to hear very…

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Feb 07 2012

Why I love my repeaters.. .again

1. I know I have already posted today. I hope that isn’t obnoxious. But there are time I have so much to say- and eventually friends and family have to hang up the phone. And sometimes you are too tired to call anyone. All I want to do is write.   2. As mentioned before,…

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Feb 06 2012

to get math write

Or should it be, To Get Math, Write Or To Get Math Right, Write Anyway, kids will be writing. I had my kids make a skit in groups. A teacher and students. They had to write the script of the teacher teaching a lesson, and the students had ask appropriate questions about the lesson. It…

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Feb 04 2012

a teacher point of view

Last night my teacher friend Miss B convinced me to go to dinner with her teacher boyfriend and then to the movies. I didn’t really think about how I was the 3rd wheel until this morning, while typing this… anyway. Usually I am too exhausted on Friday nights to do anything social; but somehow a…

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Feb 03 2012

love love love!

I have two classes of kids who failed Math 2 last semester. There are a few kids who failed because of their attitudes and refusal to turn in homework, maybe attendance issues. But the vast majority of these students failed math because they genuinely struggle with math. They lack so much of the basics, they…

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Feb 01 2012

Copy Machines Woes

There are loads of things I could come up with to complain about the pubic school system, but the one thing that infuriates me beyond words is the lack of working copying machines at my school! We have two, one nice one and one old one. I worked at a law firm for three years…

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Jan 31 2012

marry an american girl.

Sweet little G. comes to my room (almost) every day after school. If not, he will come before school or during his lunch. He can’t seem to understand what the heck I am talking about during class, but seems to get a pretty good grasp on things when explained to him one on one. Because…

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Jan 29 2012

This semester… doesn’t suck.. completely

Second semester is going by as quick as I could have ever hoped.  I was heart broken when I realized that I had all new kids, because I somehow convinced myself that I would never have students that I loved as much as I did last semester. Now, I have two repeater classes of kids…

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